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Rev. James D. Aitken (St Michael’s Parish Church, Edinburgh)

Richard Bourke (History, Queen Mary University London)

Sarah Broadie (St Andrews)

Ben Colburn (Glasgow)

Patrick Greenough (St Andrews)

James Harris (School of Philosophy, University of St Andrews)

Tom Jones (School of English, University of St Andrews)

Beth Lord (Aberdeen)

Rev. Donald MacEwan (Chaplain, University of St Andrews)

Ben Macpherson, MSP

Susan Manly (English, University of St Andrews)

Richard Marshall (Curator of the ‘End Times’ interviews with philosophers at 3am Magazine)

Catherine McCall (Director, European Philosophical Enquiry Centre)

Theron Pummer (St Andrews)

Dory Scaltsas (Edinburgh)

Joe Slater (Philosophy, University of St Andrews)

Justin Smith (Paris 7)

Thomas Stern (UCL)

Barbara Taylor (English and History, Queen Mary University London)

Ben Young was research officer for the Audit of Democratic Participation (Scottish Civic Forum, 2001-2003), and the director of Jubilee Scotland (2005-2008), in which capacity he helped organise the Make Poverty History march (Edinburgh, 2005). He has run community philosophy projects in Edinburgh, Glasgow and York. He is now a freelance copyeditor and musician.